Hi There! We're Still Here, Anyway

A New Song Will Be Released on March 9, 2016

After released an album called “Strange Invitation” in 2014, we'll come back with the new single in early March 2016, when the sun eclipse happened. A new single entitled “Shallow” has been formerly released in split album called “Kompilasi Komplikasi” with other alternative rock bands. Then, it will be released on iTunes and Bandcamp.

We have done remix and remaster to the song to differentiate the record in our self release (instead of Kompilasi Komplikasi version). Inspired by the process of the making; we have been in a long black out of idea, every person in the band has each activity, truly, we had a hard time; some day with a lot of ideas, some day with a blank mind, we put some weird whispers in the record to manifest the condition of the mind. It's like the fight of ideas.

Shallow shall be the only single we release in 2016. We decide to go back to the studio to cook some ingredients for the next menu. Hopefully, really, it will be released next year (2017).