Special Interview by BandungSearch

ICEMA is a yearly award event. This event give the indonesian musician an opportunity to get some award for their music. They organize the award with vote and internet polling competition. And they also have a lot of award category. For more detail, you can check it on www.icema.co.id.

Now we will discuss about our exclusive interview with one of our 5 favourite new comer winner from icema award, Mooikite. This band isnt a really new band. They already running across the indie music industry from 2008. Mooikite consist of four member, they are Gilang on drum, Talkah on soundscapes, Ryanka on guitar and Yudis Cupu on bass. Yudis and Ryan were also on vocal. What a multi talented young musician we had here. Scroll down for our really nice interview with them. read more>>