It was an after party of Graduation Ceremony of Despro ITS. Happening at Despro ITS' field, we all were completely amazed with a big cracken stage. In the twilight coming, the party was beginning.
The party was opening by a video art named 'A Tribute to Fajar.' It was a video that belonged to a friend who just passed away several weeks ago.
Here comes the video...

Malam Guyub Despro ITS - Opening Sequence from Komikamu Pictures on Vimeo.

and the shows were continuing...

Pathetic Experience was opening the shows with their acoustic show. Moskimos was on the next. They all were featuring for a moment. Then, the show were still going on...
Gori Gori and The Wawa on the next performing. They played a kick ass dirt distortion and still with hardcore way. And, when the show was starting to be sinking, the dancing performance was appeared. What a party!
IV was appearing on the next section. and the others.
The dancing performance was appearing again. It's amazing! If you ever seen on TV, the dancing performance of Mizone, that would be more more more fun in the Malam Guyub. Yeah, Cupu, our bassist, was taking apart on the dance.

Malam Guyub Despro ITS - Flashmob dance from Komikamu Pictures on Vimeo.

Next! Dopest Dope were on the stage. It was Ricky's new band doing a debut. Sounding like post-grunge then rain made it like a slow motion. We all stepped up on the stage with the other spectators. It's realy fun. Also, on few minutes, the rain was gone by Abel Java (I don't know exactly how he did it).
Egon Spengler was on the next stage act. That was the time to mosh the pit. YEAH! Albert, Egon Spengler's vox, sais,"...No, I don't wanna step up on the stage 'cause I'll be kicked by Tebo (Egon Spengler's bassist).." The party still didn't stop yet.
Deskripsi Sebuah Mahasiswa (DSM) were performing on the next part. Fast move, fast songs, fast thingking... that's how to said about that band. They also re-arranged their fuckin' kickin' ass single 'Sari Roti' like a reggae way in the middle of part. And, next, we, Mooikite, were on stage. It was a long time no see all our friends from the stage view. We all missed it. We played 'Between Room and Room,' 'Agatha,' and our new single (we don't know when we'll record it); '24 Old.' In the middle of that song, Ryan Ka (yeah, it's me) lose his step and hit Cupu. Cupu looked mad and throw his bass to Ryan Ka and fortunately, it was not hit me. And, the madness didn't down there, when Ryan Ka wanted to apologize, Cupu hit the face.. but still, he lose it. Thus, our show was ended by 'Los Muertos.' It was fun.
Unfortunately, WNKRM and Papa Marah Mama Digoyang canceled to perform. That was a pity. Because, the party wouldn't be on climax. However, it was still a fun.

written by Ryan Ka
photos by Otis