From secret gig: SEKALI INI SAJA

GREAT gig!!!
yeah, that's the word what we could say.
8 bands. full of euphoria!!
it's the best new year eve we ever had!
the gig was opened by MY FATHER IS JOHN. Keweh (the vocalist), put off his t-shirt and jeans. it made the audience falling into the great euphoria. then, EGON SPENGLER continued the scream. there're also SIBERIAN HUSKY, ROBOT, HUMANURE, and YOUNGMAN AND HISWORLD. also, freaky performance by DESKRIPSI SEBUAH MAHASISWA. it's really becoming a great night.

we, MOOIKITE, also closed the gig. yeah! there's no rundown. every performance was drawn. thus, we got the last turn.
However, even we're tired enough ('cause we all got in the moshpit and having fun), we gave our best to close the gig. we opened the closing with 'Between Room and Room' that had an indian ethnic melodies. next, 'Agata' burned the show. yeah, we're also dancing in funk-grunge beats in 'Los Muertos.'

'Time Circles' made the audience falling in gloomy feelings. and, 'Windmill' closed the show with its experimental voice.
after all performances over, Ryan Ka felt something's wrong with his body. yeah, he puke all he ate that night. what a disaster! hahaha :D

anyway, that was the greatest gig in 2009 we ever joined. yeah, it burned us to see 2010 with positive energy. thus, we need it. because, we'd like to finish our new EP in 2010. YEAH!!! WAIT FOR IT, PALS!!

gilang, cupu, cilik, ryan ka