We're enjoying our world

Yeah! now, mooikite is 2 years old. many things have done. we've eating shits, drunk, fighting with people, performing in stages, making songs, and many more. we've joined in 2 compilations and also fart a demo EP, "Demo-lition." yeah, we've also lost our drummer and met the other. now, we, on three (Cupu, Ryan Ka, Gilang), are really enjoying the days. we've drunk, made songs, broken stuffs, doing everything with fun. yeah, thus, we're beginning to compose our new shits(read:songs) and will fart our new EP. it'll be a hard work, because we try to make a really outstanding sounds into the shits. so, be calm, dudes.. you'll wait it for few time. but, we promise, it won't be released after june 2010.

enjoy your days...
we'll hibernate for a while in studio.


CUPU 4-strings man
RYAN KA screamer,6-strings satan
GILANG beat machine
CIL photoshots

contact us by:
phone: Ryan Ka >> +62 31 922 79 179 (or) +62 888 488 4992
e-mail: mooikite@gmail.com
or, visit our myspace to listen to our songs