Our Drummer History

yeah,, they're ones who have given beats in our songs..
they're all rock!!

Prehistoric Era : HUGO

he claimed himself as the next generation of Jose Pasillas II.
he'd been influenced by him and some of Lars' style. sometimes, he acted like Cobain in his daily life. but, in a momment, he'd lost himself and walked away from the band. he's still looked playing with his old band; Jabanero.

Progressive Era : MELO

Melo really excited to Mars Volta. also, he'd given more unpredicted beats in the songs. yeah, our songs sounded more progressive. but, he'd had many jobs in outer band. he didn't wanna be a permanent personnel. so, we couldn't count on him.

Experimental Era : GILANG

Gilang was a solo drummer before he joined us. the first impression when he played with us (in practice section) was HE ROCKS !!! he'd been influenced by Mr BIG style and some rock bands like Deep Purple and Metallica. he also liked a band from our hometown; Padi.
now, we're playing together in the big waves of the rockin' city; Surabaya and we make songs to kill stupidities. YEAH !!!