Brotherz Stairway Jam Session

Yeah,, it was our warming up session before we get a show in Bali.
Placed at Musicalo Studio we rocked the room.

at 6pm the session should be started. But, because we (Gilang, Cupu, Ka) got lost,
the session started at 6.30. Yeah,, it was really dumped us. We're on the first one
who opened the session.

Unfortunately,, we played 'Agata' so bad on the first. But, we do understand because
we just played it three times. On the second chance, we played 'Morning View' and,, yeah.. it was burning us. And we played 'I'm Led by Alien' after it.

Guys, the amplifier Ka used was sucked. Man,, we prayed in our mind to get the mood.
It was really hard time. Our 'Environment of Quantum' was also dry. But, we're healed
by 'Windmill' because it really burned us. And, at last, we played 'Sorry' to close
our performance. Yeah,, it was perfect to close something (because of Ka was sceaming
in the last part of the song).

Guys, we felt we didn't play well in that night. But, we enjoyed it. We also could
watch our brothers; Start Me Up and Insomaniacs Conspire performed.
they're really cool. Yeah!! Keep rockin' brothers!

Start Me Up

Wawung "Insomaniacs Conspire"

Insomaniacs Conspire

Overall, that was an amazing night, guys! YEah, we hope we could finish our songs
before July 13 and record 'em.