From Road Show Distro Urat Nadi (Part.2)

It's the 2nd show of us in Road Show Distro Urat Nadi.
The show had been placed at Backstreet Distro Rungkut-Surabaya.
It's different. We played in evening (about 5 pm).
It's also beeing an honor for us when we'd been instructed to play 4 songs.
Fortunately, we're ready for it. Yeah, because we just got a new drummer,
so we'd not done a lot of songs. But, Gilang was a freak!
He was really rock'd on!! YEAH!!

By the way,, in the break time, we joined a game. In that game, we had to move a
piece of paper and break it if it's been at the end of player. Freakly, we had to
move it by our own mouth. It's like we did kiss to each other. Yieks!! It's really freak!