We Enjoy It

After Hugo’s WO, now we’re on two in charge. Even we have problems, that we can’t compose songs as much as fast as in the past, we do enjoy it. We enjoy composing songs with our drummer, even he is an additional player. The drummer gives a new color in our music. That is what we, Ka and Cupu, want. That is a condition that we want to realize long ago. We have been waiting so long for it. Now, we, Ka and Cupu and Mello, will get some tours outside Surabaya. Maybe it’s not like ‘the majors’ usually do. We’re just nothing now. But, we try to be something. Even we have to eat shits, even we have to be rubbish, and even we have to kill God (we almost do it! But, we’ll never try it again).

Also, we thank to all of our friends; Clubautis, Kuro, Alfan, Mas Joko, Jin Baskom, Ai, Manto, Rizal, Start Me Up, Railroad Runner, Keweh, Rombe, Smile Studio, Illegal Studio, Nyoman, Betsy, All people who have mocked us, and All people who know us, even we don’t know your name. Thanks! We proud of you!

*Best regards_mooikite