'Oleh-oleh' from Gresik

There was a long journey...
with our aged motorcycle, we're still rock!!
It was an outstanding experience.
We gave the audiences a shock.
We rock them with our songs...
We liked it.


Toure de Gresik

It was an amazing journey. We and “Kelly ‘n Weekend Project” and “My Father is John” and “Clubautis” were having a trip in Gresik. We all would have a show in Pensi Peace MAN 1 Gresik in Bungah.
We were struggling on our each motorcycle riding on the waving road and, of course, we felt pain on our asses. We were riding for miles and landing on MAN 1 Gresik first for greetings and went to Dalegan Beach to refresh our mind (even Dalegan to MAN 1 Gresik took an hour). We took a nap at Arif’s place (Arif is our friend, he’s clubautis). We were having supper in a place that sold ‘kikil’ noodle and ‘bakso kikil’. And, at 9.30 pm, we went to MAN 1 Gresik because we’d been scheduled a rehearsal at 5 am on Sunday.
We were sleeping at mushola of MAN 1 Gresik. All of us couldn’t sleep well. Ka was awaked at 1 am, Cupu just slept at 4 am, Mello at 6. In fact, because of the soundmen just been awaked at 7, all of band just finish the rehearsal at 9. And, of course, we all were tired. When we went back to Arif’s place, we tried to sleep as soon as possible because we had to go at 11 am. But, in fact, we just went at 1 pm (biasaa.. Indonesia…).

We came to MAN 1 Gresik at 2 pm and there were already full of people. We had a show at 3 pm and we shocked the audience. It was just because our songs were unusual to their ears. And also, we threw our guitar and bass on the stage in the end of our show. It satisfied us. We liked it.

At the end, we love our Gresik’s journey. It was an unforgettable journey. We’ll together (Ka, Cupu, Mello) with “Kelly ‘n Weekend Project” and “My Father is John” and “Clubautis” and also, our friends who live in Gresik. We love you, guys!