Hi There! We're Still Here, Anyway

A New Song Will Be Released on March 9, 2016

After released an album called “Strange Invitation” in 2014, we'll come back with the new single in early March 2016, when the sun eclipse happened. A new single entitled “Shallow” has been formerly released in split album called “Kompilasi Komplikasi” with other alternative rock bands. Then, it will be released on iTunes and Bandcamp.


"Strange Invitation" Tour Part 2: Bali

This time we go to Bali. The tour is in the running. We have two venues in Bali such as Broadcast Bar and Twice Bar. Unfortunately, Timeless cannot do the tour due to the bassist is still in the hospital. However, the tour has been scheduled and let's roll!


"Rileks di Akhir Pekan" Tour Part 1: Blitar

Here is the part 1 tour in 2015. The first destination is Blitar and it will happen on April 3 at Rumah Rimba--it will be at the same gig with Romain de Ferron's tour in the gig entitled "Sauna Room #3." We, Mooikite, will be on tour with two of friends, Timeless and Relics. The tour itself is supported by Arabian Records, Takanmati Record, Dysania Submerch, Nettrum, and def-n SUB Webzine. The tour will take the date(s) in weekend. It has to be nice for relaxing and partying.


Vote Mooikite to go to Austin!

We've signed up to Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands: FloodFest by Flood Magazine. It'll be happened in Austin, Tx. You can please your support by clicking the vote button and/or share the the link. If we have some tours ahead, maybe we may go to your city and smash a gig. Thank you!


10 Album Surabaya Paling Menyenangkan di Tahun 2014 (via Ronascent.)

Bagi media, melewati akhir tahun selalu identik dengan editor choice atau sekadar berbagi list terbaik. Kami pun demikian, setelah bergelut melewati hiruk-pikuk scene lokal Surabaya yang memanas sejak awal hingga akhir 2014 akhirnya kami merangkum 10 album paling menyenangkan yang rilis tahun lalu. List ini tidak melulu menjadi...